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 About us! 

We are a student-run spirit shop! Every year a group of upperclassmen comes together to run the Rock Shop. Together we divide into multiple different roles to provide you with the great products that you see In the rockshop!

Who runs the rock shop?

Our Staff


Claire Thompson - General Manager
Seth Nanna - Assistant General Manager
Noah Armitage - Co-Sales Manager
Paul Williams - Co-Sales Manager
Owen Foreman - Marketing Manager
Jessica Christoffersen - Product Manager
Dominic Marckese - Marketing Associate 
Reis Beale - Marketing Associate 
Nick Wallner - Product Associate
Jonathan Tanner- Product Asscoiate
Luke Winbun - Product Associate 
Justin Dao - Social Media Manager
Luke Hayes- Social Media Associate
Ava Reinking- Social Media Associate
Max Kaufman- Social Media Associate
Aaron Budd - Accounting Manager
Ethan Dubrow- Communications
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